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On2Air Forms, a powerful form and dashboard builder for Airtable, helps you connect your team, customers, and clients directly to your data. On2Air Backups creates automated backups of your Airtable bases to an external storage.

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On2Air Airtable Extensions and Apps

On2Air Forms

Form, Dashboard, and Page Builder for Airtable

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Create powerful, advanced forms, dashboards, and pages using your Airtable data. Use it to update and create Airtable records, create and update linked records, pre-fill your form fields, use basic or advanced filters, display data, live calculate data, and much more!

On2Air Backups

Automated Airtable Backups

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Automated backups of your Airtable bases to ensure your vital company data is never lost. Regular base backups of your data and attachments on a set schedule.

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“Openside enabled our business to function property for a long time without having to to think about building our own software, and that is pretty invaluable. Their On2Air: Actions <-> Airtable integration is amazing, we use it very often and are very happy with the results”
(see their story here)

John Parker, CTO

“Openside has allowed us to bridge the gap between Airtable and the many other tools we use. It has saved us time and effort in creating multiple steps in Zapier, and has enabled us to consolidate many actions into one step. It has also allowed us to do more with Airtable to power our initiatives.”
(see their story here)

Aparna Kothary, Director of Technology

“Openside has provided a reliable solution to our business that has saved us countless hours by helping us to automate different steps associated with helping and tracking our customers as they move through our process to sell their home with our service”
(see their story here)

Kris Lippi, Owner & Broker

“With the help of Openside’s products and services, we saw over 70% improvement in efficiency of our business process and workflows” (see their story here)

Gabe Amey, CEO

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6 Stunning New View Types in On2Air Amplify – The Visual Editor App for Airtable

We’ve added 6 new view types, including editing and viewing Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, view a list of records in a table, a full-screen option for any view type, the ability to add new linked records and add new single-select or multi-select options from your layout, global settings, easier filtering, and much more!

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