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FAQ: On2Air Actions
FAQ: On2Air Actions

FAQ: On2Air Actions

Frequently Asked Question about On2Air Actions

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Q: I've configured a Trigger/Search/Update. Now what?

|| A: Once you have an Action configured, you'll need to connect it to Zapier, an Airtable Automation, Airtable Scripting, or a Custom App.

Learn how to connect:

Q: I don't see my action showing in the dropdown within Zapier.

|| A: Make sure you have Enabled your action from On2Air, otherwise it will not show up in Zapier.

Q: Do you support anything other than Zapier?

|| A: You can integrate Actions into Airtable Automations, Airtable Scripting, Zapier and Custom Apps. As of now, Zapier is the only way to connect to On2Air Actions. In near future, we are looking to add Integromat, and direct Webhook connections. If any other source would be useful, let us know.

Q: Regarding the limits, what does it mean when it says "25 Triggers", for example?

|| A: That is the number of triggers you can create, NOT the number of times a trigger can be executed. On2Air Actions only limits on the number of items you are able to have active. Other sources, such as Zapier, may have limits on how many times something can execute, but On2Air does not limit the number of executions.

Q: My Action is generating a 500 Error. What could be the cause?

|| A: Some common issues that could generate an error are: || Make sure the API Key used to connect to Airtable has write permissions to your base. Our actions must be able to write to Airtable || Make sure you have everything configured correctly - for example, if using a trigger that requires a Comparison field (i.e. Updated, Date) that you have a comparison field configured. || Check if any field names or table names have changed in Airtable. If you've modified your schema, it may be causing issues with your configuration. Similarly if you've change the type of any fields being used

Q: I'm using a checkbox trigger and it's switching my checkbox

|| A: This is intentional. The way it keeps track if the record has been processed is by flipping the checkbox from its current state. That way it won't get picked up the next time the trigger checks.

Q: It's not finding any samples in Zapier

|| A: In order to find samples, the records in Airtable must meet the criteria set in the action. If you do not have any records that meet the criteria, you'll need to modify atleast 1 to meet the criteria and to be pulled in as a sample.

Q: In Zapier, its not treating my items as line items to be used for bulk update/search.

|| A: This may be due to an issue with Zapier not knowing how to properly convert Airtable arrays to line items. See this video for work around using the Utility function: Convert to Bulk