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Functions Scheduler
Functions Scheduler

Functions Scheduler

The Scheduler in Functions allows you to choose how often you want your Function to run. Choose instant updates or specific minutes, hours, days of the week, days of the month, and timezone. With the scheduler, you no longer have to rely on Zapier or other service to process your Function on a pre-set schedule.

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Scheduler Setup

The scheduler will check Airtable on a configurable schedule to determine if any records match the configured criteria and will only execute when records are found.

This will automatically run in the background with no other setup on your part, making it the easiest way to run your Function. Changes will take effect upon saving the form.



Select how often to check for updates to perform function. Function will only run if there is matching data to be processed.


Instant - Checks for updates every 1 minute

Check every -X- minutes/hours/days/weeks/months - Customize your scheduler to your desired time

  • Choose specific minutes, hours, day of the week, day of the month, and timezone.

Configure Custom Cron Setting (Advanced) - Configure using Unix Cron format

View custom cron expression generator -

Enable Scheduler

Click Run Scheduler and Save Scheduler Settings to Enable the Scheduler

Post Function Execution Settings (Advanced)

Multi-Function Strategy

Allows you to process multiple Functions. You can process Functions one after the other with or without using records from this Function.

Example: Once a record is processed in this Function and you want to use the updated record in another Function.


No Record Passing between Functions. Each Function uses its own Trigger - Records will NOT be passed between Functions. Each Function is independent on its own and uses its own Trigger. Trigger Mode of Record ID is not available with this strategy

Send Original Records to All Post Functions - Use this Function's Trigger and choose multiple Functions to send your original records into Only Functions using the Record ID Trigger Mode are available with this strategy

Chain Outgoing Records from Each Function into Next Function - Connect records from each Function into the next Function Only Functions using the Record ID Trigger Mode are available with this strategy

Post Functions (Optional)

Select your multiple Functions to be initiated after this Function is completed Choose as many as needed

Post Webhook Callback (Optional)

Perform a POST to a Webhook with updated records once Function is completed

Callback on Empty

Choose whether to callback the webhook every time the Function runs. Not available on Instant Schedules. If disabled, will only post to callback when records where processed.

Stringify Callback (Advanced)

Return the callback as a String instead of a JSON object Useful for Scripting in Airtable Automations

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