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On2Air Documents vs. Airtable Documents
On2Air Documents vs. Airtable Documents

On2Air Documents vs. Airtable Documents

On2Air Documents
Airtable Documents
Create Documents with Google Docs
Use all the powerful features of Google Docs
Integrates with Airtable Automations
Set on a Specific Schedule
Save File in Single Parent Folder
Create Document Directly from a Table View
Create Documents using Google Slides
Create Documents using Google Sheets
Create a Template for Any Document Type You Need
Create Multiple Dynamic Templates based on Airtable Field Values
Use Data from Multiple Airtable Tables
Use Headers and Footers
Export as a PDF, HTML, Text, or Word
Add PDF File directly into Airtable Field
Add Google Document URL into Airtable Field
Uses Shared Google Drive Accounts
Powerful Formatting for Colors, Images, Headings, Fonts, Links, etc.
Use Images in Documents
Use YouTube Videos in Documents
Use Shapes in Documents
Advanced Formatting for Currencies, URLs, Numbers, Dates, Percent
Generate a Flexible Grid or Table Based on Your Airtable Records
Table Formatting includes Grouping, Column/Row sizes, Borders, and Padding
Create Formulas in Document
Custom Setup for Your Needs
Multi-Page Documents
Insert Charts from Google Sheets into Slides
Use Existing Airtable Record with Source File URL
Dynamically Save Files into Different Folders
Auto-Create Folders Based on Field Values
Replace, Append, or Prepend Files in Airtable Field
Set File Permissions on Newly Created File for Others to Read, Edit, Comment, or Leave Private
Integrates with Airtable Scripting App
Integrates with Zapier
Integrates into your own program or application