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Better Search in Amplify
Better Search in Amplify

Better Search in Amplify


💥New Feature: Search Dashboard and Filtering


Welcome to the brand new Search panel! Now when you search in Amplify, every record, field, and every value in a field in your table can be searched.


'in progress' will find any record with the Status of 'In Progress'

'quad' will show any record containing 'quad' or 'Quad'

'63' will show any record with and amount containing '63' or '63,000'

You can also configure your search to refine and search only specific fields. Then, you can choose you how you want the search displayed by choosing a primary display field, how many records are displayed, and how many fields to display.

💥New Feature: Navigate between tables seamlessly


You can now switch tables from the Amplify dashboard without having to exit the dashboard to switch. You can choose between switching to another table when you switch in the dashboard or you can stay in one table.

💥New Feature: More Customization in View Types


You can set specific settings per field in your record. Make a field Read-Only or Required, or set a Default Value for the field.


When you create new records from the Amplify dashboard, you can set a default value for any or all fields, making creating new records a breeze.

Add a default value for each field

Click 'Create a New Record'

Click 'Set Defaults'

Rapidly create new records!

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