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Starter Plan
Starter Plan

Starter Plan

For those on a smaller budget, we have a Starter tier.

For more credits and installs, view our standard pricing page

Here are the details of the Starter plan for each app.

On2Air: Amplify Starter Plan - $99.99/year

Bases: 1

App Installs: 5

Users: 3

On2Air: Actions Starter Plan - $99.99/year

Total Active (Actions & Functions): 10

Monthly Credits: 2.5K - see how credits work

Sources: Scheduler, Zapier, Webhooks, Airtable

Update Modes: Checkbox, Last Modified, Updated, Record IDs, View Records

On2Air: Backups Starter Plan - $99.99/year

Sources: Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box

Frequencies: Monthly

Projects: 1

Bases Per Project: 1

Records Per Project: 20k

Attachments Per Project: 50

On2Air: Forms Starter Plan - $99.99/year

Sources: Jotform

Forms: 3

On2Air Fields Per Forms: 3

Field Types: select, placeholder

On2Air: Schemas Starter Plan - $99.99/year

Schemas: 1 base and 1 Schemas app

Snapshot History: 100 snapshots