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How to Add Field Validation to Emails, Dates, and Text

How to Add Field Validation to Emails, Dates, and Text

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You can enable field validation for fields like dates, emails, phone numbers, single-line text, and more. This ensures the user can only enter data in a specified format like MMM/DD/YYY for dates or XXX-XXX-XXXX for phone numbers and keeps your data clean.

Single-Line Text


InputMask component is used to enter input in a certain format such as numeric, date, currency, email and phone.

mask: For Single Line Text, will force input to fit a predefined pattern. ex: ID, Phone Number, etc | View Details

autoClear: For Single Line Text when using a mask, if checked, will clear on blur if input does not match mask | View Details

slotChar: For Single Line Text when using a mask, will provide a placeholder to help with the mask input | View Details

Mask format can be a combination of the the following built-in definitions.

  • a - Alpha character (A-Z,a-z)
  • 9 - Numeric character (0-9)
  • - Alpha numberic character (A-Z,a-z,0-9)

Key Filter

The KeyFilter feature restricts user input based on a regular expression.


keyfilter: Format keys to be blocked. View options

  • pint: Positive integers
  • int: Integers
  • pnum: Positive numbers
  • num: Numbers
  • hex: Hexadecimal
  • email: Email
  • alpha: Alphabetic
  • alphanum: Alphanumeric



Phone Numbers