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On2Air Forms vs Airtable Forms
On2Air Forms vs Airtable Forms

On2Air Forms vs Airtable Forms

🔴 On2Air Forms has been shutdown to focus on our On2Air Backups Airtable app Learn more about automated Airtable backups -

Airtable forms are great for basic entry needs into your Airtable base. But once you need more than just the ‘create a new record’ option, you’ll immediately see how it lacks in multiple features.

On2Air Forms allows you to create powerful, advanced forms, dashboards, and pages connected directly to your Airtable data. Use it to update and create Airtable records, create and update linked records, pre-fill your form fields, use basic or advanced filters, display data, live calculate data, and much more!

View a comparison of On2Air Forms vs. Airtable Forms

On2Air Forms
Airtable Forms
Create new records and send to an Airtable base
Use conditional logic to display or hide a field based on a response
Advanced conditional logic, such as setting field values, make fields required, etc.
Display images, text, and other data from your Airtable base
Use filtering to display secondary fields based on answers to a primary field —— Example: Car Make > Model
Update an Airtable record with the form
Create and Edit Linked Records
Update and create records in multiple tables from 1 form
Add hidden fields to your form
Prefill the fields with default information per form user
Generate personalized forms based on user data
Display default values from your base on your form field
Allows users to search filtered Airtable data from your form
Live calculate data on the form based on user values and Airtable data
Add HTML or Markdown on your form
Use Formulas
Enable field validation for dates, phone numbers, emails, and text
Insert a form value previously entered by the user into another location in your form