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Create an On2Air API Key

Create an On2Air API Key

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API Keys are generated to connect On2Air to external apps such as Zapier.

Create your API Key

  • Click the blue plus button
  • A new API Key is automatically generated
  • Click in the New API Key name field to rename your API Key connection
  • Click in the API field to display the key
  • Copy and paste into an external app
  • When adding an API Key to Zapier, you will add it when setting up a Zap in the 'Choose Account' section

Regenerate a new API Key

To regenerate a new API key

  • Click the blue plus button next to the current API Key

API Key Settings

To permanently delete your API key

  • Click the Settings tab
  • Click the Delete API Key button
  • Click Yes, I want to delete this API KeyWARNING: This action cannot be undone.
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