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About On2Air

About On2Air

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Building Airtable Tools and Systems for Companies

On2Air is developed and maintained by Openside, a Utah-based team passionate about making workflows streamlined with Airtable for people everywhere. We’re constantly exploring, iterating, and improving the tools we build for companies using Airtable everyday.

After years of software development building custom software solutions for companies, Openside Founder, Dan Fellars, wanted a better approach to fit the needs of his customers: a fast, stable, user-friendly platform to build out custom workflows. He knew he found all that in Airtable.

After a few projects under his belt, he turned Openside into the first fully dedicated solution provider for Airtable.

Being the leader in the Airtable ecosystem, we’ve pioneered several game changing approaches for Airtable customers. Our suite of products, On2Air, sets the foundation for making Airtable a full blown platform for workflow automation. We also launched BuiltOnAir – a site dedicated to the amazing Airtable community, as one of the first fully-featured Airtable resource directories. 

Our apps are being used by companies in a wide variety of industries from around the world. With real-time feedback loops with each company we’re able to adjust quickly and provide additional features to better meet the evolving needs of technology.

In fact, that’s where many of the capabilities built into the On2Air tools came from: real-world use cases needed by our clients. When you add an On2Air product to your workflows, you get a powerful tool made by real people to make your work life better.


Automated Backups for Airtable

On2Air BackupsOn2Air Backups - Automated Backups of Your Airtable Data

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