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Understanding Actions Credits/Usage
Understanding Actions Credits/Usage

Understanding Actions Credits/Usage

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Each Action/Function will be counted towards your overall Usage Limits as determined by your subscription plan according to following:

  • Only processed records count as usage. If no records are found then no credits are used.
  • Each time an action or function is run with matching records, it will be counted as a credit in following manner (unless otherwise stated in the specific action/function):

1 credit is used for each function call that processes at least 1 record. If more than 100 records are processed in same function call, then a credit will be used for each additional 100 record sets.

Examples: If a function processes anywhere from 1-100 records, only 1 credit will be used If a function processes 200 records, then 2 credits will be used If a function processes 450 records, then 5 credits will be used ( 1 credit for records 1-100, 1 for records 101-200, 1 for records 201-300, 1 for records 301-400, and 1 for records 401-450)

Each plan allows for a specific number of Actions/Functions and a specific amount of credits.

Example: The Professional Tier allows up to 50 action functions and 50,000 monthly credits.

This means you can set up 50 action functions and use up to 50,000 credits every month.

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