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How to Upgrade Amplify

How to Upgrade Amplify

On2Air Amplify
On2Air Amplify
- On2Air Amplify has been shutdown

🔴 On2Air Amplify has been shutdown to focus on our On2Air Backups Airtable app. Learn more about automated Airtable backups -

At any time during the 14 day trial, you can upgrade your account from the app

  • Click the TRIAL - UPGRADE NOW button in the Amplify app
  • You will be redirected to the On2Air login page
  • To create a new On2Air account, click Sign up
  • Enter your information
  • You will then see the On2Air: Amplify dashboard

Enter Your Airtable API Key

  • You will need to enter your Airtable API Key (If you're already an On2Air customer, this should already be completed)
  • Please note that the API Key is required for us to connect to your Airtable base
  • Add your API key to the Airtable API Key field
  • Click Claim Base
  • You should see the name of your Base and the App installation

To Upgrade Your Account

  • Click the blue Upgrade button
  • You can then choose your plan - either a bundled plan with all the apps or choose the Amplify-only plan
  • You can view all options on our Pricing page
  • Click View on the plan you would like
  • Choose the monthly or yearly option
  • Click Subscribe
  • Enter your payment information
  • Click Subscribe

Confirm Your Email

  • You will need to check your email to confirm your account
  • From your email, click Confirm Your Account
  • You will then need to enter your account password

After Upgrading, Refresh Your Airtable Webpage

  • After confirming your account, refresh the webpage where your Airtable app is located.

Now, you've upgraded Amplify!