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Can I use the backups offline?

Can I use the backups offline?

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You can view your Airtable data in a backed up version in your storage drive. The files should be used only as a reference for viewing data, not editing data. Any changes you make are not synced back into Airtable.

IMPORTANT: Before being able to use the files offline, you must make each file “Available Offline” in your storage provider. See instructions below.

On2Air Backups creates the backup files as CSV files and each table is its own CSV file. You’ll need to make each CSV file available offline.

Regarding Linked Records - We display the Linked Record as the Record ID. You won’t be able to to click to get to the linked record like you do in Airtable. You will need to open the other linked table file and search via Record ID. More info about Linked Records

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