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Mission-critical data in Airtable? How Charm Industrial uses On2Air Backups with Airtable

Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Charm Industrial, is using Airtable and On2Air Backups for double duty work.  Charm Industrial is a US-based carbon removal company that removes CO₂ from the air by converting agricultural residues into a stable, carbon-rich liquid known as bio-oil. They do carbon removal for companies like Stripe, Shopify, Microsoft, Zendesk, Figma, and Square. Airtable has allowed their team to have a database they can programmatically access for building a carbon removal registry on their website, while also allowing their field operations team to complete data entry while in the field. They use On2Air Backups to automate backups of their Airtable data to Google Drive. Get started with On2Air Backups With this mission-critical data, they knew that having backups of the company data was essential to their operations process. Backups to protect from accidental deletions, data corruption, and for best practices was a next step in their growth. Read their story at Specific Challenges ✔ Multiple users now entering and updating Airtable data  ✔ Concerns of losing data due to human error ✔ No automated backup of critical company data ✔ Data stored in singular location instead of multiple locations for redundancy



On2Air Backups – Automated Airtable BackupsOn2Air Backups is an Airtable extension that creates scheduled backups of your critical business data stored in Airtable and exports your base data and attachments to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. Reinhardt knew that backups were an essential part of operationalizing their process and ensuring the company always had a version of their data in case of disaster. Get started with On2Air Backups


He came across On2Air Backups and knew it would be the solution they needed to ensure data integrity and safety.

Since they also use Google Drive as a source for various other company workflows and data, they were able to use the Google Drive integration in On2Air Backups. With On2Air Backups, they’re able to save their Airtable data into a system they already use.

With On2Air Backups, Reinhardt and the team at Charm Industrial now have data protection and automated backups of their Airtable bases to maintain operations as they grow.

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P.S. You can update Airtable records and create personalized dashboards with Airtable data for different people with On2Air Forms!

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