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Function - Copy Field
Function - Copy Field

Function - Copy Field

Copy the value from one field to another field (can copy over multiple fields)

Example use-cases:

  • Add text field data as single-select or multi-select field values
  • Add URLs as attachment fields
  • Copy data from a numbers field to a text field
  • Copy data from a formula field into a text field

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Function Type: Record Processing FunctionsRecord Processing Functions

In this article

Copy Field Configuration Video

General Function Configuration

  • Click Create New Function ✔
  • Choose your Function
  • Click Add Configuration
  • Set up your Common Function ConfigurationsCommon Function Configurations - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode
  • Set up your Function Configuration

Function Configuration

  • In Select Fields, choose your Source field in the first dropdown - this is the field you want data copied from
  • Then, choose the Destination field - _this is the field where you want the data to be stored

Optional: Append - Enable this setting if you want to add your Source data onto the end of the data already existing in your Destination field. If you don't Append, the data in the Destination field will be overwritten.

  • Choose Add new field to add as many Source and Destination fields as needed

In Advanced Settings

Text Buffer - Add a text buffer between text elements. This will add a separation value to any field data.

You can use any character, such as a comma or dash. If you use \n, you can add a new line in your text field. You can also use HTML.

Last Updated - Choose a date field to keep track of the last time the field was updated

  • Click Save Action Function Details

Test Your Function

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