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Function - Field Diff Log
Function - Field Diff Log

Function - Field Diff Log

Keep a running log of changes to any fields saved within a Long Text Field

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Field Diff Log Configuration Video

General Function Configuration

  • Click Create New Function ✔
  • Choose your Function
  • Click Add Configuration
  • Set up your
    Common Function Configurations
    Common Function Configurations
    - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode
  • Set up your Function Configuration

Function Configuration

  • Tracking Fields - Choose 1 or more fields that you want to keep track of any changes within the field(s)
  • Storage Field - Choose a long text field to store previous data from your tracking fields
  • Log Field - Choose a long text field to store the changes/diffs from the fields
  • Max Log Length - Select the maximum number of entries before clearing older entries Example: If you enter 10, 10 entries will be saved, then the 11th will start clearing out the oldest entries
  • Log Format - Choose to format your Log Field output as Text or JSON
  • Log Template - Create a template to be used and added to your Log Field each time the Field Diff Log function is processed.

Available template placeholders: {Any Table Field}, [FIELD], [BEFORE], [AFTER], [DATE]

{Any Table Field} - use any field from this table wrapped in { }, ex: {Name} will insert the record Name value

[FIELD] - will insert the field name of the field that was modified

[BEFORE] - will insert the previous value of the field updated

[AFTER] - will insert the current value of the field updated

[DATE] - will insert the current timestamp and format as specified. Default format is MM/DD/YYYY. Can change below in advanced settings.

Example: You can use ([FIELD]) [BEFORE] -> [AFTER] where ([FIELD]) is your Tracking Field name, [BEFORE] is the data previously in the field updated, and [AFTER] is the current data in the field updated


Use a Predefined Template

Options: ([FIELD]) [BEFORE] -> [AFTER] [DATE] ([FIELD]) has been modified. Before Value: "[BEFORE]" | After Value: "[AFTER]" [DATE]

  • Next, choose any Advanced Settings you need

Header - Optional template to place at top of each grouping of field diffs. You can use the same DATE placeholder or any Fields values with {Field Name}, Example: {Name}

Separator - Text separator for each log entry Default: ---------------------

Date Formatter - Date Format to use with the [DATE] placeholder Default: mm/dd/yyyy View mask options

Last Updated - Choose a date field to keep track of the last time the field was updated

  • Click Save Action Function Details

Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

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