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Function - Table Export
Function - Table Export

Function - Table Export

Export Data from a Table in Airtable to a URL

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Table Export Configuration Video

General Function Configuration

  • Click Create New Function ✔
  • Choose your Function
  • Click Add Configuration
  • Set up your
    Common Function Configurations
    Common Function Configurations
    - Source Connection, Source Configuration, and Trigger Mode
  • Set up your Function Configuration

Function Configuration

Export Content Destination - The destination of where the export data will be sent to Options:

  • URL Endpoint
  • Response Body

Export Endpoint (URL Endpoint destination) - The URL to post export data to

Export Method (URL Endpoint destination) - HTTP Method to push export data Options:

  • POST
  • PUT

Export Format - Format for outgoing data Options:

  • CSV
  • JSON

Export Key (JSON format) - To store the export JSON in an object with a key, set the key here


Map Export Fields

Enter the Export Column/Field Label and select corresponding field. Leave key blank to use field name.

Select Fields - Select source field(s) and provide optional key. If no key, field name will be used. Add as many source fields as needed

  • *Note: **Linked Record Fields are exported as the Linked Record ID. If you need to export the linked record name, use a lookup field of the Linked Table's primary field.

Sample Output Data - This is a sample of what the export data will look like

  • Click Save Action Function Details

Test Your Function

Before using your Function, you must test it.

Install Your Function