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6 New Amplify View Types
6 New Amplify View Types

6 New Amplify View Types


6 New View Types!

- View or edit any document in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides

- View records linked to a record

- A full HTML Editor to format your text in HTML

- Write and view your text in Markdown format

-Edit and view your text in JSON format


💥New Feature: Display any View Type Column in Full-Screen

You can now expand any column to a full-screen viewer. View documents, text, images, and any other type on a large screen.

💥New Feature: Link between layouts

Switch back and forth between layouts with ease with the new Layout Links button. Add a link to any layout when you use a Linked Table Viewer or a Table Viewer column.

💥New Feature: Manage and filter layouts

Rearrange or hide columns in your layout, lock the layout, or filter by a view. Find layouts quicker with the new filtering options allowing you to filter by table, column type, or tier.


More Updates


Allow Create New Linked Record from Record Search Modal

Fields Visibility - Filter By Field Type - Easily find the field you need

Record Previewer - You can now add multiple fields inside the Record Previewer Widget

Defaults on Create or via layout button

Clone any record

Implement Record Search Layout for Table Layout

Widget Visibility from Layout Settings Popup

Make any View Type full-screen

Improved Menu Structure - Easy-to-access Add Column button, Easily Add, Search, and Manage Layouts

Add New Single-Select or Multi-Select options from the view type (you don't have to go back into the main Airtable view anymore)

Global Settings Page - User Settings/App Settings/About

Save Search Settings at Table Level

Multi-Select - show options

Layouts Lock to View


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