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Linked Table Viewer
Linked Table Viewer

Linked Table Viewer

The Linked Table Viewer View Type allows you to view a list of records from any linked table/linked record fields in Airtable.

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Example: You have a Company Leads table linked to an Interactions table (phone calls, emails, texts, etc.). You can use the Linked Table Viewer to display a list of all the Interaction records from the Interactions table related to a record in the Company Leads table.

You can view all records in a table or choose a specific view. In the viewer, you can display or hide fields to show only the fields that matter most. You can add multiple Linked Table Viewer View Types in a single layout, customizing each one to display specific linked tables and fields.

In this article:

Add the Linked Table Viewer

To add a Block view

  • Click the gear icon above the layout
  • Click the + icon
  • Choose the Block View

You can also add a new Block from any other Block

Click the Menu icon on any Block

  • Click the + Add Block icon

Linked Table Viewer Settings

Field Visibility

To choose the linked field and the fields you want to display

Table Settings

You can filter the table to a specific view and also choose whether the table is searchable or not

To filter the table to a specific view

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Select Table Settings
  • Choose the View you want to see
  • *To make the Linked Table Viewer searchable or not
  • Toggle the Searchable icon ON (green) or OFF (gray)

Field Settings

To make the main field filterable or sortable

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Select Field Settings
  • Toggle the Filter icon ON (green) or OFF (gray)
  • Toggle the Sortable icon ON (green) or OFF (gray)

Layout Links

Layout links allow you to switch to related table Layouts

To display a button containing the link to a related layout

  • Click the Block menu
  • Select Layout Links
  • Choose any or all related layouts you want to display as a button in the Linked Table Viewer. You can also reorder the layouts. The one at the top will be the main one displayed in the button. If you choose multiple layout links, you can switch between them by using the dropdown on the button.
  • Click the Layout button or double click the record to switch the related layout with the corresponding record


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