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Linked Record Editor
Linked Record Editor

Linked Record Editor

The Linked Record Editor Settings view type allows you to edit data in Linked record field types inside Airtable that are connected to other tables.

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Add the Linked Record Editor Block

To add a Block view

  • Click the gear icon above the layout
  • Click the + icon
  • Choose the Block View

You can also add a new Block from any other Block

Click the Menu icon on any Block

  • Click the + Add Block icon

Linked Record Editor Settings

Field Visibility

To choose the linked field and the fields you want to display

  • Click the Block Options icon
  • Select Field Visibility
  • Select the Linked Field you want to display
  • Select each field you want to display You can also use the Search box to filter and find the field you need. You can Filter by the Field type (button, checkbox, single select, etc.) to further refine your search.
  • You can rearrange the order the fields are displayed in the Linked Table Viewer by clicking the reorder icon

Field Settings

Set your linked record field, make it read-only or required, and set default information in a field

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Select Field Settings
  • Select the Linked Field you want to display

Read-Only - Make this field read-only

Required - Require a value

Default Value

Choose a field from the drop down that you want to have a default value

In the Default Value field, add a default value to be added to this field anytime a new record is created.

You can Set Defaults using the Current Record Editor view type, clicking the Settings icon, then selecting Set Defaults.


Attachments Delete Mode

You can delete attachments from your fields

  • In your attachment field, select the Delete icon to begin Delete Mode
  • Choose the attachment or attachments you want to delete in your record
  • Click the Delete icon again
  • Click Delete


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