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JSON Editor
JSON Editor

JSON Editor

The JSON Editor View Type allows you to edit data in a JSON syntax inside your Airtable base. You can sync data from a Long-Text field containing JSON. With the JSON Editor, you have a variety of options for editing your JSON.

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In this article:

Add the JSON Editor

To add a Block view

  • Click the gear icon above the layout
  • Click the + icon
  • Choose the Block View

You can also add a new Block from any other Block

Click the Menu icon on any Block

  • Click the + Add Block icon

JSON Editor Settings

The JSON Editor Settings panel is where you can choose multiple JSON Editor output options.

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Select Editor Settings

Your JSON is synced with the Long Text field you choose.

JSON Field - Choose the Long Text field where your JSON will be stored

Modes - View and edit your JSON in a variety of modes. These options will display on the front-end of the editor for you to choose from. Options: Tree Code Text Preview Form

Primary Mode - Choose the mode you want the editor to open as the Primary each time


Tree Code Text Preview Form

Additional Settings

Search Box - Enable a search box in the upper right corner

Menu Bar - Adds main menu bar - Contains format, sort, transform, search etc. functionality

Navigation Bar - Adds navigation bar to the menu - the navigation bar visualizes the current position on the tree structure as well as allows breadcrumbs navigation. Only applicable when mode is 'tree', 'form' or 'view'

Status Bar - Adds status bar to the bottom of the editor - the status bar shows the cursor position and a count of the selected characters. Only applicable when mode is 'code', 'text', or 'preview'.

Color Picker - Values containing a color name or color code will have a color picker rendered on their left side

Sort - Enable sorting of arrays and object properties. Only applicable for mode 'tree'.

Transformations - Enable filtering, sorting, and transforming JSON using a JMESPath query. Only applicable for mode 'tree'.

History - Adds a button Undo and Redo to the menu of the JSONEditor.

Limit Dragging - If false, nodes can be dragged from any parent node to any other parent node. If true, nodes can only be dragged inside the same parent node, which effectively only allows reordering of nodes.

Sort Object Keys - If true, object keys in 'tree', 'view' or 'form' mode list be listed alphabetically instead by their insertion order. Sorting is performed using a natural sort algorithm, which makes it easier to see objects that have string numbers as keys.

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