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How to Find Your Airtable API Key and Token

How to Find Your Airtable API Key and Token

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Here’s how to find your Airtable API Key and/or Token.

To connect On2Air Airtable Apps to Airtable, you’ll need to get your Airtable API Key from your Airtable account. The API Key is required to use On2Air and allows us to access your Airtable bases.

Please note the API Key method will soon stop working February 1st, 2024, so should only be used temporarily. Please use the new OAuth method that will be required after Feb 2024 How to Connect Airtable and On2Air via OAuth How to Connect Airtable and On2Air via OAuth

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How To Find Your Airtable API Key

  • On your account overview page, under the API heading, there's a button that says "Generate API key." If you’ve used your API Key for other applications, it will not say “Generate API Key” and will instead have a field with your API key blurred.
  • Clicking this button will generate an API key for you
  • Click inside the API Key field to reveal the API Key
  • Copy the API Key

The next steps will show you how to add it to your On2Air account

To learn about Airtable API Keys, please visit their documentation

How to Add Your API Key to Your On2Air Account

With your API Key:

  • Click Accounts & Integration and then the blue + icon
  • Select the Airtable integration

  • On the Basic Configuration tab, paste your Airtable API Key and click Save Changes
  • Your Airtable Connection will automatically activate

You can change the name of your Airtable connection by clicking in the Title field and renaming it


How to Delete an Airtable Integration

  • Click Delete Integration, then click Yes, I want to delete this connection
  • WARNING: This action cannot be undone.

Is an API Key required to connect to Airtable?

Yes, an Airtable API Key is required to use third-party software with Airtable. You’ll need to add your API Key, Personal Access Token (PAT), or OAuth Integration to the third-party platform in order to access your Airtable workspace and data.

API Keys for Airtable will be deprecated in February 2024, so you’ll need to begin using PATs or OAuth. On2Air is currently developing our apps to use the new OAuth and PAT options and will give our customers notice to create a new connection when ready. In the meantime, you’ll still use your API Key to connect to On2Air.