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Build interactive Airtable dashboards, portals, and forms to update or create Airtable data instantly.
Share with anyone (even if they don’t use Airtable)

On2Air Forms is permanently closed to new sign ups as we focus on our On2Air Backups app.

We’ve partnered with Fillout, a form software that integrates directly with Airtable, to use as your primary Airtable form source.

Connects Directly to Airtable

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App Highlights

integrate with airtable- forms- main

Integrates Directly with Your Airtable Data

Build powerful, advanced forms for updating, creating, and using your Airtable data any way you need. More than just a form – interact with your clients, team, and users in a whole new way.


Connects directly to Airtable


Create or update existing Airtable records


Instant updates to your base

Create and Edit Linked Records

Quickly create new linked records or edit existing linked records that are automatically updated in Airtable.


Create linked records


Edit and update linked records

SubForms- forms-main
SubForms- forms-main

Update or Create Records in Multiple Airtable Tables from 1 Form

Update records across your entire base with Subforms! Add any linked record field to your form to update or create new records in a specific table. You can even add multiple Subforms in your main form!


Update multiple tables from 1 form


Add SubForms inside any form

Create Dashboards and Portals for Your Team and Customers

Create a dashboard with custom information per user. Choose what the form user can view, update, or create. Quickly generate unique portal URLs for every record in your table.
(Login features on product roadmap)


Easily created for every record in your base with a single button


Share custom dashboards with information per user

Dashboard view - Forms main
Filters - Forms

Powerful Filters to Display Specific Data

Allow users to search your Airtable data based on your custom filters. Display specific records based on a previous selection.
Example: Choose a State, then only display Cities in that State
Example: Allow Sales Reps to only see information about their own Clients


Use basic or advanced filters


Limit what records can be viewed or chosen

Create Powerful Conditional Logic and In-App Automation

Show or Hide Fields based on another field’s selection or value. Add Default Field Values or Custom Values based on other fields. 


Create conditional logic for any Airtable or On2Air field


Create conditional logic for any Airtable or On2Air field


Choose what your form user can view or complete


Make your form seamless and easy to use

On2Air Forms Main - conditional logic

Pre-Populate and Prefill Any Form Field with Data for the User

Send forms with the fields already completed for your user. Add values from your Airtable base or use static values with URL Prefills. You can prefill basic fields or linked records.


Send forms with data already in the fields


Easy-to-use URL Prefill builder (we create the URL for you!)

List of Airtable records - forms

Display a List of Records Specific to Your Needs

Display a custom list of records depending on each use-case. Use our URL Prefill option to customize the records displayed per your form user.


Display a list or table of records


Showcase data from your base

Live Calculate Values For Estimates, Quotes, Orders, and More

Automatically calculate values entered into your form. Use values entered by the user or from any table or field connected to your form. Create estimates, orders, scores, surveys, calculators, and more.


Useful for quotes, estimates, orders, and more


Live calculate values based on what the form user enters


Updated in real-time

Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet Ready

Whether you’re sitting at your desk or you’re out in the field, your form can be used wherever you go.


Viewable on any device from phones, to laptops, to large screens


Use on a phone or tablet while in the field to quickly create or update Airtable data


Display data on large monitors or TVs

desktop - mobile - tablet - forms - main

Take your Airtable data to new heights.

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How Grow with Jen Consulting Streamlined Projects for a High-Volume Construction Company with On2Air Forms and Airtable

On2Air Forms allows us to pull the information from Airtable, update the information, and send it back to Airtable.

Jen Rudd

Founder and CEO, Grow with Jen Consulting

I love On2Air Forms! Creating linked records is so smooth.

Cherry Yang

Founder and CEO, AirOps Consulting

These forms are awesome and exactly what we need. 

Brad Attig

Foundry Collective


Directly update or create Airtable records without giving access to the entire Airtable base.

Updates sent to Airtable instantly. Use single or multiple tables and fields from your Airtable bases.

Create basic or advanced filters to limit the records displayed to the user. Display filtered records based on what a user chooses.

Add multiple Linked Tables to a single form to create or update new records with ease.

Add Forms inside your Forms to update or create records from one place. Simplify the process for your form user.

Prefill fields with our easy-to-use prefill editor. Use your Airtable data or any value to prefill any field type. Prefill URLs are automatically generated to share the form.

Automatically hide or show form fields based on previous answers.

Create simple or complex calculations using both your Airtable data and/or form values entered by the form user.

Use Airtable record data to prefill your form fields, so a form user doesn’t need to choose. 

Enter a default value on any field or use a record in your base that contains default values.

Allow non-users to create or update your Airtable records.

Forms can be used on any device so you can use it at the office or on the road.

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