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Bring Google Docs and Airtable Together



On2Air Docs lets you automatically create documents from Airtable data, edit documents, view files, and manage all of your Google Docs inside of Airtable.


App Highlights


A Complete Document Management System for Your Google Docs

Manage your Google Docs with your Airtable data. No more going back and forth between Google Drive and Airtable.

Automatically generate Docs files from your Airtable data and add the Doc file, PDF, Image, or Word file to a field in Airtable. Then, view and edit the file inside Airtable.

Create, edit, view and manage your files in one place.

Automated Document Creation

Create Docs automatically using any data you have stored in Airtable. Generate invoices, contracts, business letters, employee forms, marketing assets, and more. No more manual document creation.


Extra: Edit and View Your Google Files with Airtable Data in On2Air Forms

Make changes to your documents while viewing or updating your Airtable data. Store the Google Docs URL inside an Airtable field to display the entire file for viewing or editing.


Templates for any type of document you need

Create templates for contracts, projects, sales, marketing, and any other business operation. View our pre-made templates.


Create Docs based on conditional data

Use any type of conditional to determine which document is created or which element is used in the document. Save to or create multiple different Google Drive folders based on your data.

sales contract - templated version-screenshot

Turn any File into a PDF, Image, or Word Document

Once the Doc file is created, automatically create a PDF, Image or Word doc. Then, send the newly created file to an Attachment field in Airtable.

Generate tables that precisely fit your data

Set your automation to create dynamic grid tables that will be the exact size you need based on the data output.


Dynamic formatting inside your Doc

Use the flexible templating system to customize the format and create specialty templates inside the document for your tables, text, images, links, numbers.

google docs - dynamic templating

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Variety of Use-Cases


“Openside enabled our business to function property for a long time without having to to think about building our own software, and that is pretty invaluable. Their On2Air: Actions <-> Airtable integration is amazing, we use it very often and are very happy with the results”
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John Parker, CTO

“Openside has allowed us to bridge the gap between Airtable and the many other tools we use. It has saved us time and effort in creating multiple steps in Zapier, and has enabled us to consolidate many actions into one step. It has also allowed us to do more with Airtable to power our initiatives.”
(see their story here)

Aparna Kothary, Director of Technology

“Openside has provided a reliable solution to our business that has saved us countless hours by helping us to automate different steps associated with helping and tracking our customers as they move through our process to sell their home with our service”
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Kris Lippi, Owner & Broker

“With the help of Openside’s products and services, we saw over 70% improvement in efficiency of our business process and workflows” (see their story here)

Gabe Amey, CEO


What is On2Air: Amplify?

On2Air: Amplify is a brand new way to view your Airtable data. With custom views, a full-screen viewer, record customizer, editor, and dashboard, On2Air: Amplify will change the way you use Airtable!

No more scrolling through long tables or having to individually open and close each record. You can create custom views in your Airtable base. You can customize your record views by displaying or hiding fields, so you see only what matters most. View documents or attachments in full-screen, perfect for presenting or reviewing important documents. Edit current records or create new records directly from the dashboard.

On2Air: Amplify is an Airtable App, directly integrated inside your base.

What is On2Air Functions?

On2Air: Functions, you can create new or templated files in Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets using your Airtable data.

Generate any document you need in Google Docs with the data you have stored in Airtable. Save the URL of your Doc in  a field in Airtable. Create a PDF, Image, or Word file from the newly merged Google Doc file.

Combined with On2Air: Amplify, you can view any Google Doc inside Airtable.

What features make Amplify so awesome?

You can view and edit your Airtable data in a brand new way. The full-screen editor and viewer along with the ability to browse through your entire table makes interacting with your data so much better!

On2Air: Amplify Features


  • Directly integrated into your Airtable base as an Airtable App
  • View records in full-screen
  • View records side-by-side
  • Unlimited columns so you can view your data – no more endless horizontal scrolling
  • Add new records directly from the viewer
  • Edit records directly from the viewer
  • Customize record views by displaying or hiding specific fields
  • Browse through records in full-view
  • Display or hide fields in record customizer
  • Browse through records in a table easily with previous and next options
  • Search for records from the app navigation bar
  • Preview anything in an attachments field in full-screen (images, documents, etc.)
  • Can be used in any table
  • Create multiple views per table
  • Lock views per user to prevent editing
  • Create new records directly from the dashboard
  • Edit any record directly from the dashboard
  • Preview data from a variety of field types in full-screen
  • View documents or images from the Attachment field type
  • View embedded websites from the URL field type
  • View text from the Single line field type
  • View text, with or without rich text formatting, from the Long text field type
  • View content from the Rollup field type
  • View content from the Formula field type

How many Amplify apps can I have in my base?

It depends on your plan. Check them out here.

How do I install Amplify?

You can install On2Air: Amplify by opening the Airtable App Marketplace directly from your Airtable base. See instructions on installing Amplify.

How do I install On2Air Google Functions?

Log in to your On2Air dashboard and create your automations. You’ll connect your Airtable base and your Google Drive accounts inside On2Air. 

Why do I have to enter my Airtable API key?

In order to use this product, we need to connect to your Airtable data which requires entering your API key into our connector. We work tirelessly to keep your data. We implement best practices. You can see our Data Security policy.

Can I get all the On2Air apps?

Yes! We offer the option to purchase just 1 app or all 6. See our pricing plans.

What pricing plans are available?

 You can purchase 1 app or you can  bundle multiple On2Air apps together to improve your business workflows in Airtable. View our plans here.