Amplify Update – Permissions, Block Layouts, and more!

by | On2Air Amplify, Product Updates

Check out all the new features of On2Air Amplify!

Here’s a quick video overview of the changes. You can read below the video to see all the updates. The update is now live in Amplify in your Airtable base.

New Grid-Style Block Layout

  • The biggest change is you can now create layouts however you would like! Amplify now has a more flexible grid-style for your View Types. So, instead of scrolling left and right, you can create a single or multiple blocks stacked in a column and size them however you want. This is also in line with a simplified navigation menu.

If you have layouts, they will still be maintained. If you have lots of views in your layout, they will be pushed together. Just grab the top bar of the block and drag it into a column.

New Name for View Types

  • Speaking of View Types…View Types are now called Blocks!

All Available Blocks

Current Record Editor – View or edit data from a single record. Customize the record by displaying or hiding fields.

Linked Record Editor – View or edit data in Linked record field types that are connected to other tables. Customize the record by displaying or hiding fields.

Google Docs/Sheets/Slides Editor – View and edit Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides directly inside Airtable

Record Previewer – View content in full-screen from the following field types: attachment, URL, long text, single line text, formula, rollup, and lookup

Linked Table Viewer – View a list of records from a linked table or view

HTML Editor – Create and edit your text in HTML format

Text Editor – Write and view your text in plaintext format

Markdown Editor – Write and view your text in Markdown format

JSON Editor – Create and edit data in JSON syntax

We now have Permissions!

  • You can set Permissions available for layouts and records! You can choose to allow or disallow a specific role type or a specific user to create, clone, edit, or delete records. You can create filters so specific users are only focused on the records they need. (please note, a user can still view the data in underlying base. This is meant to help a user focus on data specific to their needs.)

Default Values

  • Setting Default Values for your fields is easier than ever! Add your default values in the settings, then each time you create a new record, it’s automatically pre-filled with your field data.

Detect Duplicates

  • You can now detect Duplicates in your fields!

New Block – Text Editor

  • There’s a new Block called Text Editor. You can use it to display your data in plain text. You can download text from the editor to your local device.

Improved Blocks – HTML Editor and Markdown Block

  • We’ve improved the HTML Editor Block and the Markdown Editor Block.
  • The Table Viewer (for viewing full tables) is no longer available. If you have this view, you’ll keep your current ones. You just won’t be able to create new ones.
  • We’ve made some design changes to the Block selection page. You can now preview each Block type.

Feel free to provide feedback and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty, reply to this email or reach out to us on chat.