How to Automatically Add a Set of Tasks to Each New Project Using Airtable Automations

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Many times, when starting projects, they require the same set of tasks to kick off the project. This can be for websites, development, digital marketing, or any type of services consulting and implementation.


With Airtable Automations, you can create an automation to add a set of tasks every time you create a new project. This automation will save you time and monotonous manual data entry. 


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What is an automation in Airtable? 


An automation is a series of actions that happen automatically when certain criteria are met. This can be anything from creating new records, updating fields, and emailing someone, to sending information to another software app and then bringing the updated information back.


In this article


This article will show you how to set up an automation in Airtable that will add multiple task records to a Tasks table each time you create a new project record in your Projects table.





This Automation includes:

Trigger – When a record enters a view

Action – Create record

Before creating this automation, you need:

  • At least 2 tables in your base – Projects and Tasks
  • A checkbox field in your Project table labeled ‘Add Tasks’
  • A view in Projects called ‘Automated Tasks’ filtered Where ‘Add Tasks’ is checked ✅
    This view will contain the records that will initiate the automation. This will allow us to complete multiple fields in the project before the automation starts


To create your Automation

Set up the Trigger

  • Click Automations
  • Click Create new (or +New automation if you already have existing automations)
  • Click Choose a trigger
  • Click When record enters view
  • Choose your Projects table
  • Choose your ‘Automated Tasks’ view
  • Click Run test and verify test is successful
  • Click Done



Create Trigger - Automation - Project Tasks




Add Tasks to Each Project - Trigger


 Next, set up the Action

  • Click Add Action
  • Click Create Record
  • Choose Tasks Table
  • Choose the Field you want to be completed each time a new task record is added
    This includes the Task name and could also include the Status, Collaborator, Project name, and Client name
    In this example, I added the Client Formula Field and the Project Name Field and pulled the value from the Project view When a record enters a view (see screen capture below)
  • Add your default information in the Field
  • Click Run test and verify test is successful
  • Click Done
  • Click Add another action
  • Continue adding each Field you want to be completed each time a new task record is added
    This could be the Status, Collaborator, Project name, and Client name
  • Add your default information in each Field
  • After each Task is added, click Done

 Create Action - Project Task Defaults - Automations






Now, go try out your new automation!


  • Add a new project in your Projects table and fill in any other relevant fields in your project record
  • Once you’ve completed all your fields, click the checkbox.This will add the Project to your new view and automatically add all the templated tasks into the Tasks table!


final result_defaultasks_automations




More Automation Examples

With Automations, you can make data entry and updates in your Airtable bases seamless.

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Other Ways 

You can use this Airtable automation to create a task list or a checklist for anything. It can be useful for a weekly or monthly recurring set of tasks.

Automations can be used for any type of business process. Whether it’s finances, client management, marketing, or sales, you can turn many of your typical tasks into automated workflows.