Ecommerce Store Airtable Base

Use this Ecommerce Airtable Base to store all your product data, orders, inventory received, and suppliers.

You get access to the following tables with multiple fields and cost and product calculations.

    • Products
    • Orders
    • Order Line Items
    • Sales Report
    • Customer
    • Inventory
    • Supplier/Manufacturer
    • Accounts Payable
    • Contacts
    • Product Category

Each table contains multiple fields relevant to the table, such as Product name, color, description, image, and more. The Orders allow you to create orders for the products. You can use On2Air Forms to allow your customers or staff to create orders using the data in your base. You can combine it with our Automated Documents app to generate Invoices or other documents.

When you combine this template with On2Air apps for Airtable, you can:
To copy the Airtable template, first sign in to your Airtable account. Then, click Copy Base in the top right corner. Finally, choose the Workspace where you would like to add the new base.

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