Property Tech Startup Bypasses Custom Software Development

Results-focused services business for for-sale-by-owner clients implements custom workflow to increase efficiency

Company Bio

Flat is a well-known property tech startup based in Mexico. With a heavy focus on technology and data, their goal is to reduce the hassle of buying or selling a home. Using the straightforward Flat system, sellers are able to sell their property in a matter of days, and move into a new place quickly. Likewise, buyers can utilize a similar system to purchase a new home in a much quicker timeline. Their aim is to disrupt a large industry and simplify an otherwise complicated process for their clients. 




In early 2019 the team at Flat found themselves growing rapidly. Their platform was focused on using technology to make connecting buyers and sellers simple, but they needed more automation to keep things running. They were faced with an issue: either mockup a complicated system to make the native Zapier connector for Airtable meet their needs (it lacked much of their desired functionality), or invest in custom software development. 


Their Chief Tech Officer -John Parker- decided to search for another solution online, and came across Openside’s offerings. After some 1:1 matching of their goals with the capability of the  On2Air: Actions connector, they decided to give it a shot, and have been very happy with the results.

The On2Air tool from Openside enabled them to add a key ability to their automation setup (among other things): being able to detect changes in their Airtable schema and react accordingly. With On2Air set up to monitor alterations to data in their bases, they’re able to detect things that previously were impossible. In addition to this ability, the library of capability available in the On2Air: Actions Airtable integration is used often, and continues to add functionality and increase automation across the board for the Flat company.

Benefits and Results

Using Openside’s products enabled the Flat backend to function property for a long time without having to worry about building their own software, which was invaluable for their bottom line and speed of development. Their outreach has increased quickly, recently raising $4.6 million to expand and putting them in position as one of the largest funding rounds in Mexico to date.