Home Selling Service Company Automates to Scale

Results-focused services business for for-sale-by-owner clients implements custom workflow to increase efficiency

Company Bio

Isoldmyhouse.com was founded in 1997 as an option for helping people sell their own homes easily. Their goal is to simplify the process and cut the common fees associated with selling a home across the board. Taking a simple pricing and tech-focused approach helps them keep things simple and approachable. 




As is often the case when a company grows, I Sold My House reached a point where they needed to scale, and automation was key in helping that happen. While they had been using Airtable for a while with great success as a database and customer tracking system, they ran across various issues that couldn’t be solved with a standard Zapier-Airtable connector. As founder Kris was searching for solutions online and found Openside. 


A more focused approach to automation was central to scaling the I Sold My House systems. Keeping track of customers as they moved through the process of registering, listing and selling their homes is vital to success, and Openside had a variety of deep use options for accomplishing this. 

Using the On2Air: Actions tool, Kris was able trigger for multiple updates to a record in Airtable. The company has different statuses and steps associated with each status that needed to be automated for the different stages a customer goes through when using the service, and the On2Air tool could accomplish this with ease. Once it was set up, the steps/actions work flawlessly and an automated fashion so Kris and the team can simply change a status in Airtable and have the whole pipeline update accordingly. 

Benefits and Results

From the beginning and knowing that automation would be key to scaling a growing company, founder Kris found that using Openside’s tools met their needs and went the extra mile in increasing functionality overall. As Kris later described, “Openside has provided a reliable solution to our business that has saved us countless hours by helping us to automate different steps associated with helping and tracking our customers as they move through our process to sell their home with our service.”