Non-profit Adds Automation for Greater Impact

Growing non-profit opens the door to helping more youth by simplifying their internal systems and focusing on what they do best

Company Bio

Global Citizen Year is a non-profit based in Oakland, California that takes high school seniors through international immersion education experiences. Currently providing experiences in Brazil, Senegal, India and Ecuador, their focus is on helping youth have a successful “gap year,” or year of preparation to move on to college and career with a more global perspective and understanding. 




Being a global-focused non-profit, Global Citizen Year coordinates a veritable mountain of tasks, statuses, and the people behind both. With Airtable as a central hub for many of the contact points and processes in their setup, it became necessary to set up some in-depth integrations to do most of the heavy lifting. One top priority was to be able to send information from Airtable to other tools with the click of a button (or toggling of a checkbox). Unfortunately, the vanilla Zapier-Airtable connector was either extremely complicated in some cases, or simply wasn’t meeting their needs, so the team began looking for additional help on the Airtable community. 


Searching for their specific use case, the team at Global Citizen Year found Openside via the Airtable community and quickly assessed the capabilities of the library of tools offered. With the On2Air tools in their setup, they were able to build their desired workflows with Airtable + their tech stack in a variety of complex integrations, in the end both simplifying and expanding what they were already doing. 

Benefits and Results

In addition to being able to send data out of Airtable with ease, the team at Global Citizen Year have been utilizing the other features of the Openside tools. The “find and update” function has saved the trouble of creating numerous repeat steps in a Zap (traditional Zapier approach). This and many others have become time-savers for their everyday operations. As a small-but-expanding non-profit, time is one of their most precious commodities, and putting the right automations with Openside in place has freed them to focus on what they do best.