Religious Movement uses Apps to Aid Training

International religious group sets up their devotee training program to leverage technology and track students' progress

Company Bio

The Hare Krishna Movement in Hyderabad, India is focused on helping people achieve higher consciousness and closeness to deity. As part of the world wide organization called ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), training their devotees is paramount to helping share the message and ensure consistency as they help people learn. 




As part of an international society, the Hare Krishna Movement has multiple moving parts in training their people and keeping up to date on statuses. Their Acharya (preceptor or instructor in religious matters – Wikipedia) Srila Prabhupada has written many books on Krishna Consciousness, and keeping track of progress during each assignment proved a difficult task. In many cases, hundreds of devotees could be at different points of training or reading, and it became more and more important to organize it all.  


Administrators at the Hare Krishna Movement found themselves looking for the right tools to match their use case, and found Airtable to be a great option for the multiple layers of data they needed to track. Using Airtable alone wasn’t enough, however, due to their need for coordinating the backend data with multiple input points and tracking systems. The On2Air library of tools was a perfect fit to allow advanced capability for their library of needed integrations.

Benefits and Results

Several key things were accomplished by adding On2Air to the Hare Krishna Movement software backend: one was that the On2Air: Forms tool allowed them to set up an advanced form input with “parent-child” inputs for “books” and “chapters” read, and giving students the ability to actively update their file on record within the database. Another benefit was allowing them to integrate that data with the Airtable backend to provide an easily-accessed record for instructors to assess students’ progress at any given moment, thus providing the streamlined system they were seeking and giving additional bandwidth for them to serve.