Founder Project Acquires Support to Implement Essential Systems

Toronto-based founder support group uses automation savvy to simplify their tech needs and better serve local businesses

Company Bio

Based out of Toronto, Canada, The Founder City Project is a service-based project with the goal of helping founders communicate and accomplish true scaling while building diverse teams. They serve the larger city area with in-person training, peer groups, and more. Their vision of “No One Succeeds Alone” has captured the hearts of the creators of the city, and the project grew from 6 to over 1000 founders within 2 years, and continues to climb.




With as big a vision as they had, the founders of The Founder City Project had to face many of the same concerns they were helping people with: finding the time to follow through on projects, having the confidence to scale in the way they wanted to, and finding the right partnerships to make the group thrive.

Many of the concerns they had were related to their backend tech (which included Airtable, among other things), and the workflows needed to grow without dropping momentum or missing important details. It was during this growth period that founder Ben Baldwin began seeking additional help from the Airtable community, and found some extremely helpful comments made by Openside founder Dan Fellars. It was these clear explanations and helpful tips that led Baldwin to search out more of Openside’s offerings, and quickly found the solutions he was looking for.


From the beginning, Baldwin knew that there were things he didn’t know when setting up his workflows and scaling. From day one working with Fellars and the Openside team, Baldwin quickly acquired real-world wisdom on effective systems to set up and maintain, and added powerful tools to his tech stack in the form of the On2Air library. Both were instrumental in helping The Founder City Project take the direction they wanted with a solid backend to support it.

Benefits and Results

With Openside on The Founder City Project’s roster of support, the Project’s workflow capabilities skyrocketed. The On2Air tools augmented their systems and allowed previously complicated and time consuming workflows to be made simple. This, combined with the constant assurance of having automation experts in their corner, is what led Baldwin to describe Openside as “a trusted advisor and one of my most important business relationships.” He additionally points out that “there’s no way my business would be where it is without [the Openside team’s] skills, dependability, humility, and most important: [their] patience. Whenever I get a bill from Openside, it’s money well-spent. In fact, I think it’s a marker that tracks my progress.”