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New Fields in On2Air Forms: Google File, Embed, and an announcement...

I think you'll be excited about these new field types in On2Air Forms...

Plus, we have a special announcement!

To the field types 👇

Google File Field

You can now Edit and View any Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides file and Google Drive folders directly on a form or dashboard! Quickly view or edit files from your Airtable base or even use a static URL.

How to Add a Google File Field to Your Form


Embed Field

Take your form or dashboard to an entirely new level with the Embed Field! 

Want to display a specific website on your form/dashboard?

Share your booking or calendar form? 

Maybe even a YouTube video? 

You can now do all of this with the Embed Field!

Start using the Embed Field


Spacing Field


You can now add spacing in between fields! Enter in the spacing as pixels. Example: 100 = 100 pixels. This will also help when we launch the Drag and Drop Form Builder/Designer soon!

Learn more about the Spacing Field

And the big announcement...

We're making our automated Airtable documents app, On2Air Docs, active again!

We paused accepting new registrations for it temporarily to focus on On2Air Forms and On2Air Backups development and improvements. But the demand for it never slowed down, so we're ready to open it back up in the next couple of weeks!


With On2Air Docs, you can automatically generate any kind of document using your Airtable data. You create a document template in Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets, we auto-fill it with Airtable data, turn it into a PDF, and send it back to an Attachment field and/or a Google URL. 

Sign Up for Access

Use Cases:✔ Invoices✔ Quotes✔ Form Entries✔ Contracts✔ Presentations✔ Reports✔ Brochures✔ And more

Now combine On2Air Docs with the ability to edit or view Google files in On2Air Forms. 🤩

Other Features

Here are a few new features we've launched and improvements we've made in the past couple of weeks.


Upcoming Features

✅ Drag and Drop Form Designer - We're working on making it much easier to build your form and move form fields around with a new drag and drop designer.

✅ Multiple Field Variation on a single and multiple rows - With the new Designer, you'll soon be able to add multiple fields or single fields on any row in the same form.

✅ ChatGPT Integration - We're working on a ChatGPT integration. More on this coming soon.

See the Roadmap