Gift Guide for the Airtable Fanatic

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It’s time for Christmas shopping and you have to figure out what gifts to get the Airtable, database-loving fanatic in your life!

Or maybe you’re the Airtable buff and you need to get yourself something special! 

We’ve got your list of best gifts for the Airtable enthusiast in your life. From the latest tech gear to unique fun gifts to the best Airtable apps, here’s your gift guide for all those who love Airtable.

Gifts By Category

Latest Tech


27" 4K Monitor

Double the workspace with a large 27″ second monitor. Another monitor helps you work faster and more efficiently. Which means even more Airtable bases you can have open at one time!


AirPod Pros

Make it easy to focus with a set of AirPod Pros. Use the Active Noise Cancellation feature making it easy to hear calls or your latest favorite soundtrack.



When you’re on-the-go, but still need to join in on video calls or podcasts, this tripod is an easy setup. Also, makes for a quick extra screen to view your Airtable records.


Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

For those who prefer premium sounds, these Bose headphones block out all the noises around you. Put up a sign on your desk that says, “Come back later. Working in the database.”


Tile Bluetooth Tracker

It’s easy to misplace your gear when you’re busy. Stick these bluetooth trackers on phones, keys, bags, or tablets to find them even when things are hectic.


Docking Station

When you need to connect a monitor, mouse, camera, microphone, and sound bar, this docking station will keeps your cords tame and everything streamlined.


AKG Pro Microphone

Sound like the Airtable expert you are with a microphone perfect for recording video tutorials, streaming, and video calls.


Wyze WiFi Smart Plug

Turn all your tech on or off with your phone. Create schedules for anything that plugs in like your lamps, speakers, or monitor. Use your automation skills to automate it using custom actions. 


Logitech 1080P HD Webcam

Get crystal clear HD-powered video with this 1080P webcam. Powerful lighting features for even the darkest rooms. Auto-focus, a built-in mic, and adjustable mount make it the perfect option.



penholder1600 (1)

Pen Holder

Keep a tidy desk with this walnut pen holder. A matching accessory for that journal you’re also going to grab.

journal1600 (1)


Even though you love tech and software like Airtable, there’s something special about handwritten notes in your journal. Take quick notes when you’ve unplugged for the day. 

coaster1600 (1)

Hexagon Coasters

No coffee stains at your workspace with these coasters. While you’re downing the coffee, try not to stay up too late working on your latest Airtable creation.


Word Clock

Be productive and stay on time with this stylish word clock for your desk. 


Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop with a lightweight padded laptop sleeve. You’ll always have Airtable with you wherever you go.


Picture Frames

Keep your favorite people in sight with picture frames for your desk. Or your favorite quote. Or Airtable base.


Airtable Apps and Templates

ready made formulas airtable

Ready-Made Formulas Airtable App

Formulas can transform your Airtable data in thousands of ways. This app includes over a dozen “ready-to-use” formulas for common tasks in your Airtables bases, such as formatting numbers and dates as text strings, generating urls for prefilled forms and prefiltered shared views, manipulating dates, and more.
Created by Kuovonne Vorderbruggen

on2air actions_gift

On2Air Actions App

An automation and workflow tool with integrations and pre-made functions to connect your Airtable data to other bases and software. You get 60+ extra Airtable Functions like creating Google Docs automatically with Airtable data, bulk create records, edit, or delete multiple records, set default field values, copy fields, perform financial calculations, sync Google Sheets, and more.


Lead Tracking and Referral

Want to track your leads more efficiently? This template includes a contact form that you can embed on your website which will bring leads directly into your Airtable base. Track all your leads, value of leads, and if you have a referral program, you can track your referrers, payouts, and owing. Now you can see your real pipeline, what your referrers are doing for you, and also what your client list is worth.
Created by Jen Rudd with Grow With Jen.


On2Air Amplify

Amplify is a record dashboard app that lets you customize how you view records, linked records, linked tables, and more. You can edit and view your Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides directly inside Airtable. You can enter default values for fields and create records in bulk quickly.


Field List

Managing the schema of a large complex base can be difficult. This app creates a new table in your base listing all the fields in your base, including field name, type, table, and more. You can then apply the power of Airtable to analyze your base schema and plan changes.
Created by Kuovonne Vorderbruggen



With the Documint app you can merge your Airtable records into your Documint templates to create beautiful documents. Automate everyday tasks using document generation to increase productivity.


Personal Finance Tracker

Easily track and categorize your transactions imported from your financial institutions. Includes a script for automatically categorizing for frequent transactions. How to use tracker.
Created by Mariusz


Christmas Gift Tracker

This is an easy-to-use Christmas gift tracker to quickly add gifts for every person on your list. Create a budget and track gift, picture, link, person, cost, and number of gifts. It can be used as an app on your phone or from your laptop.


Airtable Training and Consultations

learning airtable

Learning Airtable Course

Get certified with this Airtable course from Airtable expert, Scott Rose. Scott teaches the Airtable basics like creating tables, using fields, importing data, working with records, and linking everything together.


1 Hour Private Airtable Consulting with Alli Alosa

Alli is an experienced Airtable consultant and is available to help you overcome any of your Airtable problems. Alli is an expert at Airtable, Zapier, and Stacker, so she can help with all levels of your database. Each session is recorded and shared with you so that you can review it in the future as needed. Partial hours not available, please come prepared with all your questions!


5 Ways to Build a Better Business Using Airtable

This free guide will show you practical business tips to building a better business using Airtable as the foundation.
Created by Ben Green with Optimize IS


50 Minute Free Consultation with Seamus Campbell

Get Airtable/Zapier support to help automate your business, link your software, and create efficient workflows.


Airtable Account Management & Sharing for Teams

Want to use Airtable effectively as a team but do not want anybody to mess up your masterpiece? This is for you! Airtable Account Management is meant to teach you how to restrict who can see what in Airtable & how to choose the right pricing plan for you.
Created by Ben Green with Optimize IS


Base Notes Tips and Tricks - Airtable Newsletter

Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of Airtable. Taught by Justin Barrett, Airtable expert. Justin is a significant contributor in the Airtable community who has solved many Airtable issues.



'Identify Your Roadmap' Systems Consultation

Learn where you can simplify by saving time and automating your systems. Get a one-to-one consultation where we analyze your business software / database needs.


Airtable Consultation with Benito Abraham

Get your systems set up in Airtable to help run your business. Benito can help you with Scripting and Airtable and he’s fluent in Spanish and English.



Airtable Consultation with Scott Rose

Get help with your business Airtable setup through consulting and training with Airtable and Databases Expert, Scott Rose. Scott is also an Integromat certified partner and can support with Integromat programming for automations & integrations



How to Build a Second Brain

Learn the building blocks of automation and data architecture with this ‘Learn How to Build a Second Brain’ webinar. Taught by Airtable expert and consultant, Gareth Pronovost, with GAP Consulting.



Build an Ecommerce Store Using No-Code Tools

Learn how to build a fully no-code and fully automated eCommerce Store using Airtable, Integromat, Stripe, and Softr.
Created by Jamie Kane and No Code Ireland

airtable pro

Airtable Pro Yearly Upgrade

It doesn’t get any better than being able to use Airtable with all the bells and whistles. Spring for a yearly Pro membership to create an automated, efficient database with unlimited apps, more view types, and records.

cherryyang airopsconsulting

Airtable and Automation Consulting with Cherry Yang

Get expert help with Airtable and automation from Cherry Yang and the team at AirOps Consulting. AirOps is a full-service Airtable consulting company helping entrepreneurs, enterprises, and non-profit organizations build their future with no code and low code tools.


javascript1600 (1)

Intro to JavaScript

Take your Airtable skills to the max by learning how to use JavaScript. With JavaScript, you can use the Scripting app in Airtable and open up a whole new way to use your data.





Data Whisperer T-shirt

The perfect tee for anyone who can wrangle your business data and make it easier to keep your business going.


Airtable T-shirt

We know Airtable rocks your database world. Why not sport the brand in a tee with the Airtable logo?


Silently Judging Your Spreadsheet T-Shirt

We all love a good spreadsheet. But why, when you can use Airtable? 




Space Heater

Stay warm even on the coldest days with this tiny space heater. Quiet but powerful to make sure you’re cozy while working.

calm app (1)

Calm App Subscription

Relax, Focus, and be Calm with a subscription to the Calm app. It’s a mindfulness app to help lower stress with calming exercises and breathing techniques.

seatcushion1600 (1)

Seat Cushion

Sitting all day can be painful for your tush. Alleviate the pressure with a gel cushion for a comfy seat.


Hey Dude Slip On Shoes

Grab these comfy pair of slip-on shoes to wear around the house or for a quick run to the grocery store. Perfect for lounging while you organize your Airtable base. 


Bluelight Glasses

Looking at a computer all day can cause strain on your eyes. Block harmful blue lights and reduce eye strain. 


Large Steel Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with this 64 oz. stainless steel water bottle. Never miss your essential daily dose of water.


Gaiam Thick Yoga Mat

Stretch those muscles with this sturdy yoga mat. Start your day off right and get your exercise before you dive into your data.


Luna Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets provide comfort and warmth. These blankets can help you have a more restful night’s sleep.


8fit Workout and Meal Planner

Stay healthy and in shape with the 8fit workout and meal planner app. Get access to a full library of varied workouts. After you workout, plan your meals with a variety of recipes.


Don't Unplug: How Technology Saved My Life and Can Yours Too Book

Chris Dancy was overweight, unemployed, and addicted to technology. He chain-smoked cigarettes, popped pills, and was angry and depressed. With a little tech know-how combined with a healthy dose of reality, every app, sensor, and data point in Dancy’s life was turned upside down and examined. Learn how to improve your life by paying attention to the relationship between how we move, what we eat, who we spend time with, and how it all makes us feel.


Unique and Fun

brainteaser1600 (1)

Brain Teaser

You already think outside of the box. Keep your mental muscles moving with this fun brain teaser.

cat1600 (1)

Magnetic Cat AirPod/Pen Stand

Add some wow to your space and let this cat with attitude hold on to those earbuds or pens. Sure to get a second look from any visitors.

thermometer1600 (1)

Galileo Thermometer

Track the temperature with this classic style Galileo thermometer. Unique and colorful – just like your Airtable single-select fields.

teammeeting1600 (1)

Team Meeting Sign

Planning out your base layout in Airtable can be tricky sometimes. A strategy session, a little pep talk, and this sign will help.

thisisfine1600 (1)

This is Fine Dog Pop! Vinyl Figure

An ode to the immensly popular ‘This is Fine’ meme, you can now have a ‘This is Fine’ Dumpster Fire Dog by your side. Remind yourself everything will be fine and you’ll get those automations and that script working correctly soon.

wallscrabble1600 (1)

Wall Scrabble

Keep an ongoing word challenge with this Wall Scrabble game. Keep track of words and who wins and loses in your Airtable Games base.