How to Create a Sales Contract PDF in Google Docs

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You’ve had the phone call, given the presentation, and you made the sale! Now, it’s time to send over the sales contract to finalize everything and get started on the work.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a Sales Contract in Google Docs and then turn it into a PDF.

We’ll also show you how you can use your customer data to automatically generate a custom Sales Contract for each new client without having to manually edit the document every time.


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Sales Contracts for Business

Contracts When You Have Multiple Clients

Automatically Create PDF Files from Google Docs

How to Create the Sales Contract PDF Automatically

Automated PDF from Google Docs with a Single Click

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Final Thoughts

Sales Contracts for Business

Using contracts in business helps everyone know what’s expected, what work will be completed, and provides a level of protection if things don’t turn out as planned.

Creating a contract in Google Docs is one of the easier ways to get all the terms and deliverables written and shared for all parties involved to see.


Contracts When You Have Multiple Clients


When you’re working with multiple clients, creating a contract for each one can be tedious. It’s also prone to errors and typos, which could cost your company money if you accidentally delete or add something by mistake. 

By setting up a way to automatically create a Sales Contract PDF with the click of a button, you won’t have to worry about user errors. The easiest way to automate contracts is to send your client information to a template in Google Docs from an Airtable database, a powerful spreadsheet-like app.

You can copy our Sales database in Airtable and enter your customer data into the base. Fill in each field in the Deals table with the specific information about your customer and the terms of the sale.




The base includes fields like Company Name, Date of Contract, Specific Deliverables, Payment Amount, Deposit Due, more.


Once you’ve done that, let’s create the template in Google Docs.


Sales base in Airtable showing the Deals table and view

Automatically Create PDF Files from Google Docs

You can use our Sales Contract template to help you get started. It contains Terms of working with your company, Deliverables, Compensation and Invoicing, Confidentiality clause, Conflict of Interest clause, Warranties, and several clauses. 

This template will be the primary source for any Sales Contracts you have in the future with other customers. You can add or remove what you need.




With this template, you can automatically change out the terms, deliverables, or details depending on which service you’ve sold to the customer – all without having to manually change it in each individual contract. 

The template contains placeholders for your data that match the field names in your Airtable base. Placeholders will be replaced with the actual information from your customer database. Some examples are {{Agency Name}}, {{Client Name}}. {{Deliverable Type}}, and more. You can rearrange these placeholders, add more, or remove what you don’t need.

To add the template to your Google Drive, be sure you’re signed in. 

Then, click File > Make a Copy. Choose the folder where you want the contract stored.

You’ve created your template, so let’s go ahead and add a folder in Google Drive labeled Clients. This will help us organize more later. 

Now, it’s time to set up the automation that will add customer data to our file and turn our Sales Contract into a PDF every time. You’ll only have to set this part up once!


How to Create the Sales Contract PDF Automation


Let’s set up the automation in On2Air. Sign up for free trial if you don’t have an account yet.

  1. In the On2Air: Actions app, choose Google Functions in the menu, click Create New Google Function, then select Google Docs Create Export
  1. Click Add Configuration, then choose your Airtable connection, your Airtable Base, Table, and optionally, a View
  1. Choose Checkbox as the Trigger Mode. In the Checkbox Field, select the Create Sales Contract field. Choose the Trigger On option as Checked
  1. In the Google Docs configuration, choose your Google connection – (here’s how to set it up in On2Air if you’ve never done it before)
  1. Choose Use a Single Template as the Source File Mode, then click Select Source File and choose the Sales Contract Template you created

google functions-pdf1


Now, we’ll choose the Google Drive folder where the newly generated contract with your customer’s information needs to be saved.

6. In Destination Folder Mode, choose Dynamically Save to Folder Name with Field Value (will create folders if not already existing). This allows us to save the new file in a folder with your client’s name or create one if it’s not already there! Click Select Parent Folder and choose the Clients folder you created earlier. This is where all the new folders will be stored.

7. In Dynamic Field for Matching Destination Folders, choose the Company Name lookup field. This will add the merged document to the corresponding folder of the Client or create a new folder if there’s not an existing one with the client’s name.

8. In New File Title, type {{Company Name}} – Sales Contract

Optional: If you want to save the URL of the templated Google Doc file in your Airtable base, choose a File URL Storage Field

9. In the Field Merge Output, choose Always Merge Fields to create a new merge file each time

If you want to save the URL of the merged Google Doc file in your Airtable base, choose a Merged Output URL Storage Field


Now, we get to choose to export a Google Doc as a PDF each time!


10. In Export Field, choose Export Merged File, then choose PDF as your Exported Format

11. Choose the Contracts-Budgets-Agreements attachment field to automatically upload the newly created Sales Contract PDF as a file in your Airtable base! Click Save Action Function Details to save your automation.




Automated PDF from Google Docs with a Single Click


Now that you’ve set up the automation to create a PDF from Google Docs, you simply enter the client company data and sales contract info in Airtable. 

Once it’s added, click the Create Sales Contract checkbox in your base, and within a few seconds, you’ll see your newly created Sales Contract PDF in your Google Drive folder and an attachments field in your Airtable base. 




Here’s the Google Docs created and the new folder created in your Google Drive account.




View Your Google Doc Inside Airtable


You can also edit and view your new Google Doc inside of Airtable using On2Air: Amplify. Open the Amplify app and choose the Google Docs option, then click the Google Drive URL link.




Here’s what it looks like inside Airtable




Final Thoughts


Connecting Google Docs and Airtable together helps teams and companies collaborate better and keep all the company data in one place. With the Google Function in On2Air, you automate your contracts, proposals, presentations, and much more.