New Feature: Create Files in Google Docs with Your Airtable Data!

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Here’s the big Google/On2Air/Airtable update you’ve been waiting for!


You can now use On2Air Docs for Airtable to automatically create documents in Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets using your Airtable data!

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What is On2Air Docs for Airtable?

On2Air Docs allows you to automatically create any kind of document from Airtable!

You create the template in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, set up the On2Air Docs automation, then click a checkbox in your Airtable base. You now have a document stored as a PDF and URL inside your Airtable base and in your Google Drive.

Documents you might create:



 Form Entries





 And more

Start using On2Air Docs


Ways to Use On2Air Docs


  • Create new or templated files in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides with your Airtable data
  • Create new folders in Google Drive
  • Insert data from your Airtable records directly into any file
  • Create dynamic files based on unique values in your records (ex: single-select options)
  • Save newly created files all in one folder or in various folder based on unique values
  • Save the templated URL or newly created merged file URL in your Airtable base
  • Export the file and save in an Attachments field in your base
  • Use the basic or shared Google Drive accounts


▶▶▶ Learn more about Automated Documents in Airtable


Airtable Document and On2Air Docs Tutorials


We have multiple tutorials to get you started with On2Air Docs.


Create Automated Invoices in Google Docs and Airtable (+Free Template)

How to Create a Sales Contract PDF in Google Docs using Airtable

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How does On2Air Docs compare to Airtable’s Google Doc Automation step?

You can use the Google Docs automation in Airtable, but you’ll find it may not fit your requirements. On2Air Docs allows you to create both simple or complex documents to ensure your documents are created just how you need.

On2Air Google Docs vs. Airtable Google Documents

View your Documents and Google Drive Files and Folders in Airtable

This is a game-changer for Airtable documents and collaborating in Google Drive and Airtable.

If you combine On2Air Docs with On2Air Forms, you can now have ALL of your document management connected to Airtable.

You can edit or view Google Docs, Sheets, or Files alongside your Airtable data.



You can even view and select Google Drive files with On2Air Forms.





On2Air Apps for Airtable

With On2Air Docs, you no longer have to manually create documents. You can automatically generate Airtable documents any time.