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On2Air Schemas

Visualize relationships and schemas in your Airtable base

On2Air Schemas generates a diagram to visualize your Airtable base structure. Keeps a history log of changes to meta information for all tables, views, fields, and relationships. View formulas and all formula references and get an understanding of your base design and relationships.

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Try it yourself

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Try it yourself

Click on any field to see all the field details. You can view field types, formulas, relationships, references, field descriptions, field selection options, history changes, and more.

You can move the tables around and rearrange the layout, open and close them, and choose between multiple history snapshots

App Highlights

Schema General view

View the Layout Design of Your Airtable Base

Automatically generate the layout design of your base to view all tables, fields, and relationships.


See the entire base design and relationships


Create filters to view specific field types

Highlight Relationships Between All Fields

View which fields are linked to each other as linked records. Display linked records and relationships between fields that are used in formulas, lookups, and rollups.


Understand the relationship between linked records


View referenced relationships for fields, such as lookups, rollups, and formulas

view field references and relationships per indiv field _ schemas
view actual changes in a field in a snapshot_schema

Track Changes of Meta Information

Know when changes are made to table, view, or fields names. View a history log of any new or deleted tables, views, or fields.


View any changes made to tables, views, or fields

View Formulas in Formula and Rollup Fields

View the actual formula in formula and rollup fields while also seeing any fields used in the formulas.


View Formulas and Referenced fields

view list of tables

View a Detailed List and Field Type of Your Base Layout

Display every field in your base with a link to the details and history of the field. 


Detailed list of tables, views, and fields

Keep a History Log and Create Snapshots

Anytime a field, view, or table changes, generate a snapshot of the change.


View name changes, additions, or deletions

create a new snapshot_Schema
create a new snapshot_Schema

Share or Print Your Base Design Layout

Easily share a link or print your base schema


Share your design with other team members with a link


Print a custom view of all or specific sections of your layout

Use Cases


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Airtable Schemas Resources

15 Airtable Design Best Practices Checklist What You Need to Know

Airtable is a powerful tool to use as a central source of information for your business and your team, but it can be overwhelming to get started. We’ve created this 15-point checklist of Airtable best practices for companies using Airtable. 

Visualize and Monitor Your Airtable Base Structure with Schemas

If your company uses Airtable as a central source for all your business operations, you probably have multiple bases and a variety of base structures. With the On2Air Schema app, you can view the design of your Airtable base and relationships between tables, views, and fields.


Use this Customer Management and Sales Airtable Base Template to easily store all your essential company information. This base contains tables to track your Company clients, Contacts, Deals, Sales Reps, Deliverables, Services, Interactions, and Documents.


View your data hierarchy and table relationships at a glance.

Understand the relationships and links in your data in tables and fields.

Control your data structure and establish proper database administration.

Identify each field type and ensure you have proper field type configurations for all your data.

Easy to use, just click-and-create. An intuitive layout, a mobile-friendly interface, and helpful documentation so you can get setup and back to business.

Dedicated data and technical specialists who are ready to help your business succeed.


What is On2Air: Schemas?

On2Air: Schemas generates a diagram to visualize your Airtable base structure and track changes to meta information for all tables, view, fields, and relationships. Understand and view your Airtable base configuration at a glance.

What is a Schema?

A Schema is a visual representation diagram of your Airtable base used to view base structure and relationships and to track meta changes to tables, views, and fields.

How do I create Schemas?

Head over to the Help Desk to get started.

How many Schemas can I have?

Choose the plan that works for you. From a single schema to multiple schemas, we have pricing plans to fit your needs.

Why do I have to enter my Airtable API key?

In order to use this product, we need to connect to your Airtable data which requires entering your API key into our connector.