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Automated Documents for Airtable

On2Air Docs is permanently closed. Please check out Documint or DocsAutomator for automated Airtable documents.

Automatically create any kind of document from your Airtable data

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See How AirOps Consulting Automatically Generates Documents using Airtable and On2Air to Save 3-4 Hours Every Week

App Highlights

Automated Document Creation

Create documents automatically using any data you have stored in Airtable and upload it directly back into your base.

Generate invoices, contracts, business letters, employee forms, marketing assets, and more. No more manual document creation.

From Airtable

To a Document

sales contract - templated version-screenshot

From Airtable >

> To a Document

sales contract - templated version-screenshot

Create Documents using your Airtable data for any type of document you need

Create templates for contracts, projects, sales, marketing, and any other business operations. 


Create documents based on conditional data

Use any type of conditional to determine which document is created or which element is used in the document. Save to or create multiple different Google Drive folders based on your data.

Uses Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets

Use the powerful features of Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets and integrate with the cloud storage you’re already using. Create templates with any Google app and generate documents with your Airtable data.

integrates with google
sales contract - templated version-screenshot

Turn any File into a PDF, Image, Presentation, or Other Document

Once the file is created, it will automatically create a PDF, Image, Presentation, or Word doc. Then will send the newly created file to an Attachment field in Airtable.

Automatically Adds PDF Documents and Document URLs Back to Your Airtable Base

You won’t have to login to your Drive and scour through your files to find your document. The new document and the URL are added directly back into your Airtable base.

google slides on2air airtable base

Integrates with Airtable, Zapier, Airtable Automations, Airtable Scripting, or Webhooks

Send to Airtable, Zapier, Webhooks, or even a Custom App for further automation

on2air docs - integrations


  • Automatically generate documents with your Airtable data
  • Create single or multi-page documents
  • Use Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets as the document template
  • Bulk create documents for multiple Airtable records or create documents per single record
  • Use dynamic conditional filters to create documents based on criteria from your Airtable base
  • Save as a PDF back to an Attachment field in your Airtable base
  • Save the Google Doc, Slides, or Sheets URL back to a URL or Text field in your Airtable base
  • Tables in your document automatically created to match the number of records needed
  • Add advanced formatting with specific in-document templates for tables, images, links, content, and grids.

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