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On2Air Amplify

On2Air Amplify is permanently closed as we focus on our On2Air Backups app – Automated Airtable Backups. 

For Airtable dashboards, we now recommend Airtable Interfaces.

On2Air Amplify is a dashboard for your Airtable base. You can view multiple tables from a single dashboard, view large records in sections, and much more. On2Air Amplify will change the way you use Airtable!

  • Create multiple blocks in your dashboard displaying various fields
  • View multiple tables and linked records in one place
  • View documents or attachments in full-screen, perfect for presenting or reviewing important documents.
  • Edit current records or create new records directly from the dashboard
  • Browse individual records quickly and easily
  • Use dashboards or blocks in full-screen
  • Use the text editors to format notes and content
  • Set permissions on dashboard layouts per collaborator
  • Edit and view Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides directly inside Airtable
on2air amplify dashboard and airtable base

Other On2Air Apps for Airtable

App Highlights


Edit and View Multiple Sections of a Record

Create record sections so you can quickly see various fields in your records. Edit records in an easy-to-use format.

View multiple tables all from a single dashboard

You no longer have to jump between your tables. Use the Amplify app to edit, view, and navigate your Airtable base from 1 place. View entire tables and customize it to see only the fields you want.

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amplify 5 columns

Unlimited Blocks So You Can View Your Data – No More Horizontal Endless Scrolling

Want to hide various fields in a record for a more compact view? Display only what you need to see by toggling fields on or off for a specific record view. Create multiple dashboard layouts with different record views. Display and edit linked record fields or other fields types.

View Your Records in Full-Screen and Side-By-Side in the Dashboard

See a record in full-screen and zoom in to exactly what you need. Present your data in meetings using your entire screen. View record details in a side-by-side view and rearrange each panel. With the record previewer, you can preview entire documents or attachments. Preview data from Attachment, URL, Single line, Long text, Rollup, and Formula field types.

Amplify 3.1 intro - edit google sheet

Edit Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides inside of Airtable

Edit any Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide while inside of your Airtable base. No more bouncing back to Google Drive to find a client’s file. Add their document URL to Amplify and make any changes you need to make. 

Customize Your Records By Displaying or Hiding Specific Fields

Want to hide various fields in a record for a more compact view? Display only what you need to see by toggling fields on or off for a specific record view. Create multiple dashboard layouts with different record views. Display and edit linked record fields or other fields types.

amplify 2 - display or hide fields
edit records v2

Add New Records and Edit Records Directly From the Viewer

Build your base right from the dashboard. While viewing your records, edit individual fields or add new records directly from the viewer. Set default values for each field making data entry 1000x easier. You can even add your linked record information from one screen!

Multiple View Types – Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Airtable Current Record, Linked Record, HTML Editor, and more

Edit and view your records and tables in various ways. Customize it to see what you need to see most. Available blocks:  

  • Current Record Editor
  • Linked Record Editor
  • Linked Table Viewer
  • Record Previewer
  • Google Editor
  • HTML Editor
  • Text Editor
  • JSON Editor
amplify 5 columns
edit records v2

Search Dashboard and Filtering

When you search in Amplify, every record, field, and every value in a field in your table can be searched. You can configure your search to further refine and search only specific fields, making your search more efficient.

You can change the default and search a single field, multiple fields, or all fields. You can also configure your search display to make it easier with a Primary and/or Secondary Display Field(s), an Image Display Field, the number of results to show per page (Page Size Results), and the number of Default Fields to Display.

View multiple tables at once with an Airtable dashboard


View any records with a bigger, better full-screen viewer.

Display only relevant fields and hide any extras. Easily toggle fields on or off.

Create multiple views together to see exactly what you need.

Preview any attachment in full-screen.

Layouts for every type of view needed, whether it’s sales rep proposals or vacation day reviews.

Determine who needs to see specific records views and prevent any changes.

See the full list of features
  • Directly integrated into your Airtable base as an Airtable App
  • View records in full-view
  • View records side-by-side
  • Customize record views by selecting only important fields
  • Browse through records in full-view
  • Display or hide fields in record customizer
  • Scroll horizontally through records – no more having to scroll to find your data fields!
  • Browse through records in a table easily with previous and next options
  • Search for records from the app navigation bar
  • Edit and view Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides
  • Edit in Markdown mode
  • Edit in a full HTML Editor
  • Edit in a JSON Editor
  • View Linked tables
  • View entire Tables
  • Preview anything in an attachments field in full-screen (images, documents, etc.)
  • Create multiple views per table
  • Lock views per user to prevent editing
  • Create new records directly from the dashboard
  • Edit any record directly from the dashboard
  • Preview data from a variety of field types in full-screen
    • View documents or images from the Attachment field type
    • View embedded websites from the URL field type
    • View text from the Single line field type
    • View text, with or without rich text formatting, from the Long text field type
    • View content from the Rollup field type
    • View content from the Formula field type


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