How to Manage and Organize Your Airtable Extensions

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Manage and Organize Your Airtable Extensions

If you have multiple Airtable extensions in multiple dashboards, there’s a simple way to manage all of them at once. The Airtable Extensions administration dashboard was made for adding, removing, and managing Extensions. 

Here’s how to use the Airtable Extensions administration dashboard.

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How to Organize Your Airtable Extensions

  • Open up your Extensions menu

  • Click on an Extension dashboard name and choose Manage Extensions

  • From here you’ll be given a list of all of the Extensions in your Airtable base

The administration screen shows you:

  • Extension name
  • Type
  • Which dashboard it’s on
  • Which user added it
  • The date it was added
  • Option to enable or disable it

You can also rename them, duplicate them, move to different dashboards, and add new Extensions from the dashboard.

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1 Minute Tutorial Video about Airtable Extensions

This is a really great way to see all the Extensions in your base and manage everything.  (This video refers to Extensions as Apps, which is what they were previously called.)

Organize Your Airtable Extensions

The Extension dashboard makes organizing and managing your Airtable Extensions much more efficient and enhances base security.

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