6 Stunning New View Types in On2Air Amplify – The Visual Editor App for Airtable

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We’ve added 6 new view types, including editing and viewing Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, view a list of records in a table, a full-screen option for any view type, the ability to add new linked records and add new single-select or multi-select options from your layout, global settings, easier filtering, and much more!


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Plus, we’ve made it easier to add new column view types, manage your layouts, and clone records.

Check out these new features!


💥 6 New View Types


Google Docs Editor 

View or edit any document in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides

Table Viewer

View a list of records from a table

Linked Table Viewer

View records linked to a record

HTML Editor View Type

A full HTML Editor to format your text in HTML

Markdown Editor View Type

Write and view your text in Markdown format

JSON Editor View Type

Edit and view your text in JSON format


With the Google Docs Editor, you can EDIT and view any document in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides! No more having to go back and forth from Airtable to Google Drive.

The Table Viewer allows you to see a list of records from any table.

With the Linked Table Viewer, you can see a list of records in a table format that are linked to your current record.

The Markdown Editor, HTML Editor, and JSON Editor View Type give you the ability to create, edit, and view your information in its native format and syntax.


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💥New Feature: Display any View Type Column in Full-Screen



You can now expand any column to a full-screen viewer. View documents, text, images, and any other type on a large screen.


💥New Feature: Link between layouts



Switch back and forth between layouts with ease with the new Layout Links button. Add a link to any layout when you use a Linked Table Viewer or a Table Viewer column.


💥New Feature: Manage and filter layouts



Rearrange or hide columns in your layout, lock the layout, or filter by a view. Find layouts quicker with the new filtering options allowing you to filter by table, column type, or tier.


What is On2Air: Amplify?



On2Air: Amplify is a brand new way to view your Airtable data. Create custom layouts with record editors, a full-screen viewer, record customizer, and table viewer. On2Air: Amplify will change the way you use Airtable! You can read all about it on our website

How Amplify can help you


  • No more scrolling through long tables of records or having to individually open and close each record.  
  • Create custom layouts showing current records, a list of records from a table, documents in full-view, and much more!
  • You can create and customize your record views in your Airtable base by displaying or hiding fields, so you see only what matters most. 
  • View documents or attachments in full-screen, perfect for presenting or reviewing important documents. 
  • You can edit current records or create new records directly from the dashboard.
On2Air: Amplify is an Airtable App, directly integrated inside your base.