New Features! On2Air Actions Now Has Pre-Made Tasks for Setting Default Values, Using Financial Formulas, and Many More

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You know those times when your Airtable base is almost working great, but it’s just missing some features you feel it should have?
Well, we’ve now added Functions to our On2Air: Actions as the answer!

What are Functions?

💥They are premade actions for your data.
Some examples are:
  • 🎯Set Default Values – You can add default information in each field that’s added every single time a new record is created.
  • 🔗▶📷 Convert URLs to Attachments – Have a link that needs to be an attachment in your base? With this function, the URL is automatically converted to an attachment and added to an Attachment field.
  • ➗✖ Perform financial calculations – Calculate the payment for a loan based on equal payments and interest rate, calculate the interest rate per period for a loan or investment, return the present value of an investment or the total amount that a series of future payments is worth now, and many more financial calculations.
  • Perform math equations, statistical functions, and format numbers – Create any sort of math equation to apply your records, perform stat functions, such as mean, median, and max, and convert number formats to a new format.
  • 🔄 Manipulate an array (range) of items across fields – Compare field data by extracting data from one field that is not in another and adding it to another field, search for unique data and store it another field (useful for detecting duplicates), count items across fields and store in a text or number field, and many more array options.
  • 🔗▶💻Import data from a URL into a table – With our Table Import function, you can import data into your table from a URL.
  • 👀Lookup Values from another table – Lookup values from another table based on a field match and set in each triggered record. Similar to a VLOOKUP() call.
  • And so many more functions!

See a list of all the available Functions here

(We also have plans to add more Functions on a regular basis, so this list is only going to grow!)

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